AOC Wants a One-Child Policy for All American Couples

Well-known un-American socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has announced the latest policy idea for her Green New Deal. In addition to her other harebrained ideas to reduce greenhouse emissions, she now wants to limit all American families to having only one child.

“Having only one child will benefit families in so many ways. First of all, one kid consumes much less of the world’s precious resources and produces so much less pollution than two or more. Also, one kid is cheaper than two or more kids. Who can afford childcare these days? And don’t get me started on clothing, food, and socialist indoctrination camps,” she said at her press conference announcing the new plan.

President Trump, father of five spawn with three wives, turned bright red in the face, obscuring his usual orange hue, and exploded in rage when he heard about Alexa O’lamabama-Cortex’s plan to limit couples to having only one child.

“It is our God-given right to procreate as often as we want, with as many women as we want. Also, Republican boomers are dying off in droves so we need conservatives to have as many children as possible.”

Alessandra Octavia-Corvette was undeterred by the tantrum from the tangerine toddler. “I will continue to fight for our planet and the chance for future generations to breathe clean air and drink clean water. Also, polar bears are super cute and I don’t want them to go extinct. Have just one kid and save the planet.”

Famed social science researcher Sandy Batt was aghast when she was questioned about Alexis Something-Rosebud‘s desire to limit families to one child. “This is America, where we can drive minivans with stick-figure families on the back depicting our broods of four, six, or ten kids. So what if it strains the world’s resources or overpopulates the globe. It’s our right to go broke trying to support ridiculously large families if we want to.”

Be sure to call your Congressional representative to voice your dismay about this proposal before the vote next week.

Trump Can Use Emergency Powers To Remove Pelosi From Congress

This lack of caring has shocked the nation. Nobody suspected that Pelosi and company would be so callous as to jeopardize American livelihoods during a crisis through partisan politics, yet that’s exactly what happened. People are angry about this, none more so than President Trump himself.

The President is expected to use his powers under the declared State of Emergency to remove Speaker Pelosi from Congress. He will describe her to the court as “a threat to the future safety of the American citizens”, which will allow him to take extraordinary measures to see to her being taken from office. This is an unprecedented move, but a White House insider, who goes by the name of Joe Barron, tells us that Trump feels he has no other choice.

“The President feels that Pelosi’s delay jeopardized the well-being of the people in a time of national emergency. In these times, we must all come together and put our politics aside. The Speaker’s unwillingness to do so makes it clear that she does not have the best interests of the country at heart.

It’s felt that her selfishness could cause real harm to the public and to the government’s efforts to eradicate this problem and carry us into the future. He’s getting rid of her.”

At least there is some good coming from this catastrophe. Finally, Pelosi will be gone. We must thank Senator Binks of Naboo for granting these emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor.


It’s no secret that the Democrat Social gathering needs to get rid of the senior’s revenue and medical applications that citizen’s have paid into all their lives. They always speak about large cuts to each Social Safety and Medicare.

Cortez and Omar are recognized to have referred to as the applications ‘entitlements’ and search their elimination. Home Democrats are always stealing from SS to fund their very own socialist pet tasks.
And now Speaker of the Home, Nancy Pelosi, has publicly said her disdain for the techniques that our seniors have earned and which hold them from develop into homeless and destitute.

There are individuals on this nation who want issues like welfare and meals stamps, sure. It’s revenue help. We assist them get again on their ft when instances are robust. However individuals on social safety fall in a complete totally different class.

They aren’t taking authorities cash briefly. They haven’t any intention of rejoining the workforce and as soon as once more turning into productive members of America. They only need to take eternally and need no circumstances to be positioned on the cash. Social Safety recipients are nothing greater than burdens on society.”

No, Nancy. They aren’t burdens. They’re nice Individuals who constructed this nation and who paid into the security web system all their lives. That’s not “authorities cash,” it’s their cash…..and also you’re not touching it.

Gov. Cuomo Says He Will Defy Trump, ‘I Have Absolute Authority Here’

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, railed against the President again today. This time, he said like a spoiled child, that New York doesn’t have to listen to him since he’s not their president. Liberals cheered and clapped when their communist leader Cuomo said this.

Here are Cuomo’s full remarks:

“Look, I’m the governor of New York, not Donald Trump. I have absolute authority in New York. That’s what it says in the Constitution. If Donald Trump wants power here, then perhaps he should run for governor. Trump is not the president of New York, we don’t need to listen to his nonsense.”

The most shocking part of his remarks is not the outright treason by openly defying our commander-in-chief, but the suggestion that he has absolute power in the state of New York. Who does he think he is? A dictator or something?

America has no place for a dictator. That’s what makes us so great, a Constitution with a clear separation of powers. Cuomo would be wise to respect that long-standing tradition.

New York Republican, Joe Barron, said that he would move to impeach Governor Cuomo on charges of treason, sedition, and mutiny.

Barron said, “We’ve had enough tyranny from wannabe dictators from New York in the last 4 years.”

We hope the impeachment of Cuomo is successful. He is a traitor to out nation and needs to go. Donald Trump is the one we want to be a dictator for life, not some liberal governor.

What, do people think states’ rights are important these days?

Democrats Say Lazy Americans Need to Start Paying Their Bills

There are people who are suffering right now, and Democrats don’t seem to understand this. Democrats think that once things start getting better, then Americans can get back to normal and take care of things like they were. But they are leaving out an important portion of the population. The one that really matters.

Banks, lenders, mortgage companies see suffering right now. And suffering bigly. This $40 billion a month industry is going to need to be bailed out if greedy, selfish Americans don’t start paying their bills. Americans didn’t put anything back for a rainy day or a massive pandemic, and these patriotic Trump supporting businesses who’ve ripped us off for decades are hurting right now.

Speaking to one mortgage company owner, Joseph Barron of Barron & Batt Mortgage, he was outraged. After all he’s done for these people, selling their debts to other companies for pennies on the dollar while you get racked with higher fees and interests, all to help out his bottom line. How is he going to afford a new Mercedes this year? Have you people no soul??

Banks and other financial institutions have made billions off the backs of hard working Americans for years. Astronomical late fees, ATM fees to pull out your own money, and now, they’re forced to play fair.

This just isn’t right.

America is all about screwing the hard working middle class out of their last dime without even batting an eye. These greedy, selfish working class stiffs can donate blood, sell a child, rent out space in their homes to perfect strangers, and you know what? Ramen noodles are less than a dollar. Buck up people.

It’s not bad enough that you put these mega corporations at risk every day you might get sick. You’re already taking the caviar out of their cold, heartless mouths by not buying the garbage they hock that you don’t need. Pay your damned bills.

The oldest profession in the world doesn’t have social distancing restrictions.


Well, it looks like someone missed the memo yesterday, allowing America’s little ribald Representative to spout out another doozy of a missive, live on CSPAN during a budgetary discussion.

During the talks, the subject talk turned to appropriating the money necessary to have Washington’s 9/11 memorial display cleaned and tended to. Some questions were raised about how a team could effectively operate while social distancing, and whether Windex could be replaced with cheaper Dollar Store alternative “Awesome”, when Cortez stood, sighed, and uttered the following fictional statement:

“Oh my God, you guys. It’s not like 9/11 was really that big of a deal. At this point, thanks to Trump’s incompetence, the pandemic has taken more American lives than 45 9/11’s. We should be talking about 25th-amendmenting that fat murderous shaved Sasquatch the hell out of there before he screws up something else. Get the secret service a forklift already and tell them to take out the trash!”

Congressional aide Sandy Batt said she’d never seen the titillating tiny toon so worked up, comparing the outburst to: “A church pastor finding out all the altar boys were wearing chastity belts. She really blew up.