Gordon Chang to Newsmax TV: China Will Create Another Virus in a Few Years…

The United States needs to punish China for allowing coronavirus to spread throughout the world, killing thousands of people in the process, foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang told Newsmax TV. 

“We know, with certainty, that in a few years, there’s going to be another virus or pathogen that escapes China. And it’s going to be the same thing unless we make it clear to Chinese leaders that there’s a cost for deliberately spreading bugs,” Chang told Thursday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

Chang doesn’t think coronavirus escaping from a Chinese laboratory was an accident.

“They knew that this was human-to-human transmissible. They wanted countries to keep their borders open,” Chang said. “So this was malevolence on a scale that we’ve never seen before.”

Chang also addressed the unjust treatment some Chinese officials have handed down to African people living in the city of Guangzhou. Black Africans have been evicted from apartments, barred from hotels and restaurants, and forced to take coronavirus tests.

“The communist regime has a xenophobic idealogy, and actually it’s racist,” Chang said.

Chang added: “Never before in history has one country attacked all other countries at once. So we’ve got to do something.”

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